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Loading Dock Levellers & Repairs

The safety of your employees, your visitors and your equipment depends on the dependability of your docking system. That’s why it’s important to choose the right leveller and to trust its maintenance and repairs to experienced, qualified professionals.

Dock Levellers

Correct installation or replacement of your dock leveller starts with choosing the appropriate model for the duty cycle and weight loads it will have to handle. Forklifts move loads more efficiently when they assisted by the right sized and rated leveller. Some levellers can also improve forklift safety by using safety lips.

Some Dock Leveller Features:

  • Manual, Hydraulic or Air Lift Operation
  • Inside Dock Mount
  • Dock Edge Mount
  • Safety Stop

Repair Service & Parts

Viking Doors is a full service loading dock installation and repair company.  Our trained technicians are highly educated in diagnosing the condition and service needs of your dock levellers. We can repair or replace any part associated with the functioning of your docks. We offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 a year Emergency Service for loading dock repairs throughout the Shuswap and the Okanagan.

Dock Shelters and Canopies

Dock shelters and canopies reduce the risk of damage to goods or injury to your dock workers by keeping the work area out of the rain, wind, sun and noise. A protected work area is essential to keep the elements at bay and to prevent slip & fall hazards. A dry and organized dock, free of debris and moisture, will keep the work flow moving and the injuries away.

Contact Viking Doors for expert advice and a free estimate on dock equipment installation services.


Dock Truck Latches

Dock truck latches improve dock safety by securing the truck so it cannot roll away while a forklift is still unloading.  Dock truck latches prevent accidents that could occur due to miscommunication, mechanical failure or misuse of equipment. The latch keeps the truck in place until all unloading or loading has been completed.

Viking Doors offers a variety of latch configurations. Please contact us to discuss your options!

Edge Mount Dock Levellers

Edge mount dock levellers are a cost-effective way to match the dock height to the trailer floor height.  Edge mount dock levellers are mounted to the edge of a loading dock and are adjustable to the level of most trailer bed heights.

We recommend careful consideration of the many features and configurations available. Contact Viking Doors for expert advice on the right solution for your loading dock.


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