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Custom Garage Doors

Let Viking Doors create the one-of-a-kind garage door to complement the design of your home.

Our extensive catalogues of standard garage doors can meet most needs, but we’re ready to work with you to satisfy any special requirement:

Colour: The garage door is often the most visible feature of your home – start here to ensure a consistent look and detailing in your design

Materials: Create the look you want in custom or coated steel doors, or in popular premium woods such cherry, mahogany or walnut

Size: Design your garage to fit the uses you have in mind for it; we’ll make sure your door gets the right fit for smooth operation, weather seal and security

Style: If your unique home design or roofline calls for special consideration in the type of garage door or how it’s installed, we can make it happen!

Let’s talk!

Whether you need a completely original design or a simple adaptation of a standard factory garage door, Viking Doors will come through with ideas and the know-how you’re looking for.

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